Paper Submission

Dear Researchers

Technical College of Health/Sulaimani Polytechnic university is pleased to invite all the governmental, private, local, international institution and personnel to attend and participate in its 1st International Conference on the Health and medical science under the theme (we are all together to improve Kurdistan health sectors) to contribute with researches and visions focusing on local Health and medical fields. All topics in the health and medical sciences are welcomed in the conferencee

Abstract Submission

Abstract submissions will open until 15 June 2018

Abstract Guideline and Regulation

1. Accepted abstract and full article will be published in a Special Issue in the SPU Journal "Kurdistan Journal of Applied Research Kjar"

2. Individuals may submit only one abstract.

3. Individuals can be the co-author for the multiple abstracts.

4. All abstracts must be prepared in English only.

5. Abstract title must be less than 12 words and express the researches essence .

6. No charts, graphics, and the tables shall be included in the abstracts.

7. Abstract should be no longer than 350 words.

8. Researcher must not split one study into several papers, as they may be asked to combine for review.

9. Submitted arguments must be original research article, paper review, and medical case report.

10. Abstracts must be submitted via This Form Below .

Abstract Sections and Formats


Abstract titles are limited to 12 words or less. The title should be dynamic and conclusive. In general,the researchers should capitalize the first letter of each word unless it is a preposition or article.

Do italicize scientific names of organisms such as Cryptococcus neoformans. Titles should also be in bold.

Author's affiliations:

Name, last name, academic title, institution, city and contact details of authors shall be stated obviuosly.

Content of the Abstract:

The abstract may contain a brief statement of: (Objective, materials and Methods, Results , and Conclusion).